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Your Internal Guidance System is a Powerful Tool. Are You Plugged In?

Updated: Apr 10

“I believe in intuitions and inspirations...I sometimes FEEL that I am right.
I do not KNOW that I am.”
- Albert Einstein -

Intuition is a powerful tool. It can make the difference between a good decision and a phenomenally epic one. I often refer to it as an internal guidance system. Are you plugged into yours?

Cottesloe beach is a particularly beautiful part of the coast in Perth, Western Australia. For me, it has a softness about it, an energy that hugs me as I walk its shore. It's where I go when I'm not feeling 100%. Recently I was guided to head down to Cottesloe, to breathe in the healing energy that can be found there.

I was guided to walk down to, and along the groyne.

I knew I would find the energy to accomplish this even though it felt like quite a challenge. I decided to simply go with my internal guidance system. It was why I had driven down to Cottesloe in the first place even though I had such an urge to find comfort on my bed.

As I started to walk I realised there was a beautiful serenity about all that was happening around me. My walk to the groyne took me past people doing their own thing. I passed a young lad about to launch himself off a wall whilst being videoed by his grandfather. “Are you filming yet pa?” he kept asking until he got a yes, and launched himself off the wall, filling the air with screams of delight.

There was a young boy taking advantage of the gentle curves of the walkway and the lack of people, to hone his skateboarding skills under the watchful eye of his father. I paused to soak up the beauty in his exhilaration.

There was a group of young people playing volleyball on the beach. Whilst I didn’t understand the language being spoken amongst them, I understood the fun they were having, laughing as the ball went out of bounds.

I could see from a distance some people fishing off the end of the groyne. I was reminded of the joy within me when I have a rod in my hand, a beautiful body of water in front of me and the thought of a feed of freshly caught fish.

As I got closer to the end of the groyne I noticed a man looking in my direction. How could I have missed him? He was the only person standing on the groyne and I was now walking straight toward him. In a split second of wondering what to do, I was guided to complete my walk.

As I approached, I sensed he was going to say something to me. “You look like Sophia Loren as you were walking towards me,” said the stranger.

Wow! He spoke his words with such respect.

In his eyes, it was a simple acknowledgement of beauty as he saw it, and I accepted it with that energy.

He spoke from the heart, and I felt it.

I didn’t know this man and yet felt comfortable standing on the end of the groyne at Cottesloe talking for the next hour or so.

We spoke of many things. Two intelligent souls sharing thoughts. “I feel so peaceful standing here with you,” he said partway into our chat. I smiled and acknowledged the energy of the beautiful body of water that surrounded us. “No”, he said, “it’s you”. “What do you do? “Are you an academic?” I smiled as I explained my energy healing work.

In the end, he simply said, “it’s been such a pleasure exchanging thoughts with you. I am glad I made the journey here today and I will leave with the memory of you as Sophia Loren.” He simply shook my hand and we went our own way.

There was so much for me to take from this chance meeting down at Cottesloe. As I find my feet as a single woman, finding clarity with who I am and how I fit into the world, I realised my “fitting in” simply requires me to be me. My definition of ‘me being me’ is going with my flow.

From the moment I got into the car to drive to Cottesloe, I felt the pull. I had chosen to allow myself to go with my intuition and drive to Cottesloe knowing there was a bigger purpose for me. I allowed myself to meet up with this man, even though for a split second my head had questioned the sense in it.

The outcome was an answer to the ‘how do I fit into the world’ question.

In allowing myself to step into the flow, I was reminded of parts of me that make up my uniqueness - my beauty, my intelligence, my perspective of the world, my love of music and language, my creativity and my strength as a human being just to name a few.

It was a beautiful experience that was created because I listened to my intuition and went with my flow.

Are you struggling to connect with your internal guidance system?

You don't have to.

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In support of becoming the best you, you can be,

Keryn Rose

Energy Healer

Certified Body Code Practitioner

All photos in this blog article are of Cottesloe Beach, Perth WA and were taken by Keryn Rose.

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