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Transform Your Water ... Transform Your Life

The most powerful, transformative, life-giving force on the planet is water.

- Peter Schenk -

Water is essential to human life and yet how much do we really understand about this precious element?

If you find yourself feeling down take a deep breathe and gaze into water. Whether it be along the edge of an ocean or a lake, or even washing dishes at the sink. It doesn't matter. Allow yourself to be in the moment whilst gazing into the water and chances are you will be taken into 'another world'. A world that feels comfortable to you. Maybe even familiar to you. A world that has such an impact on you that when you 'come back' you feel different. Peaceful. Contemplative. Quiet. It's like the water has connected with you at some level, flowed through your body and your mind, healing you at your very core.

Water has the power to heal.

Water is the most programmable material on the planet. It carries the memories of eveywhere it's ever been. What if it's programming capabilites could be utilised to unlock your potential and help free you from pain, negativity and self-limited beliefs? What if it could turbo charge your manifesting?

Where intention goes, energy flows.

Dr Masuro Emoto, an internationally renowned Japanese researcher, lecturer and bestselling author photographed thousands of water crystals throughout his years of research. His photos demonstrated water's unique ability to respond to energy, particularly the natural vibration of words. In his book 'The Secret Life of Water', he shared the following story:

"I once conducted the following experiment. I filled a jar with plain water from the tap at my office in Tokyo, and then I put it on my desk. Since the water came from the city water-works system and contained chlorine, attempts to make crystals from the water failed.

I then asked for the help of five hundred people located throughout Japan. At the same time on the appointed day, they all sent positive thoughts to purify the water on my desk and then sent the message "Thank you" to the water.

As expected, the water changed and was able to form beautiful crystals. The chlorinated water from the tap had changed to pure water."

Here are photographs of Dr Emoto's experiment using Tokyo’s tap water. It shows the structure of the water before and after the 500 people sent their positive thoughts and messages of thanks remotely from different places in Japan.


The energy of the thoughts and words of those five hundred people found that jar of water on Dr Emoto's desk without any regard for the perceived borders of time and space that exist in our 3D world. And not only did the energy of all those thoughts and words find the jar, it transmuted the energy of the tap water into pure water, as evidenced by the photos above.

There is an infinite field of energy that exists beyond our present concept of space and time, which unites all of us

- Dr Joe Dispenza -

The exploration of the relationship between the quantum field and water has been continued by Peter Schenk, aka The Modern Day Mystic. Building on the work of Dr Emoto, he created a completely new kind of healing modality. By blending algorithms based on the principles of quantum physics, scientific research into the memory of water, and Sacred geometry an intention is able to be focused into a body of water, manifesting life-changing results. Your own power of intention then amplifies it to facilitate your healing and personal growth.

This is the power of intention working at its energetic best. Create an intention, program that intention into water, drink or apply the charged water, and allow the magic of your intention to manifest.

Working with this healing modality I recently created what I call a 'tonic' for a client who desired a particular relationship to flow with more ease and grace. Here's what she said after her 7 day adventure with her uniquely charged tonic -

"I've completed a number of water tonic rounds with Keryn, each of them with a different intention. Each time I feel a subtle but very noticeable shift in the area I'm working on. Plus, the act of drinking the blessed water during the course of the day has the effect of reminding you periodically of the intention you're holding. I find it very powerful. I can't thank you enough Keryn." (KD)

Another gorgeous client desired an intention of more clarity and focus in her 'tonic'. Here's what she said after her 7 day adventure with her uniquely charged water -

'I wasn't sure what to expect but was open and excited to try. I can definitely say I experienced subtle, yet noticeable moments of greater clarity, which is what i was asking for' (DF)

Your water is waiting to help move you forward.

Charging your water with specific intentions then drinking it is a simple and powerful way to turbo charge on your manifestion process. Would you like to experience an adventure with water for yourself? I can help you with that! Let's connect on a FREE, no-obligation 30-minute discovery calls designed to give you clarity on your unique recipe of intentions to put into your tonic. Click on this link and book your discovery call today.

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In support of becoming the best you, you can be,

Keryn Rose

Energy Healer

Certified Body Code Practitioner

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