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Top 5 Benefits in Celebrating Something

Updated: Feb 24

I love the idea of like-minded souls gathering together to focus their energy on a specific idea. It creates a feeling of belonging and support. I believe the energy created when a group come together and focus their energy on the same idea is truly magical.

So, what are the benefits of celebrating?

Google defines ‘celebration’ (noun) as ‘the action of celebrating an important day or event.’ The verb ‘celebrate’ is defined as ‘acknowledge (a significant or happy day or event) with a social gathering or enjoyable activity. Theresa Malkiel (1) felt strongly enough about the lack of equality for women within the workforce to suggest a day be dedicated to observe the role of women in society. Called “National Woman’s Day”, it was held on February 28, 1909, and was the precursor to International Women’s Day. To have a day set aside each year to recognise the achievements of women and focus attention on how we can continue to create change where needed can only result in a more loving and peaceful world.

The act of celebrating acknowledges the importance of something. Birthdays, weddings and the birth of a baby are accepted by some to be ‘significant or happy’ events worthy of celebrating. Are there other moments that deserve celebrating? Absolutely. Who gets to decide what makes something ‘significant’ or a moment ‘happy’? You do! I sometimes celebrate the completion of cleaning my home by sitting outside in my backyard with a cup of herbal tea drunk from a beautiful fine-bone china cup, a gift from my son. It’s my way of acknowledging what I have accomplished. I am saying ‘well done me’ and it makes me feel great.

Acknowledging something ‘significant’ or ‘happy’ can bring many benefits into your life.

1. Celebrating Releases Stress

Our lives can be full of expectations and the need to achieve. Whether it be running a home or a business, the ‘to do’ list can create the need to constantly move from one task to the next. Allowing time to acknowledge the completion of something gives you ‘time out’ from the list. It creates an opportunity to be with yourself and to be grateful in that moment.

2. Celebrating Shows Appreciation

Recognition is a powerful thing. To have someone notice what you have done has the ability to make you feel appreciated. When you are that person recognising what you have done sends a message of gratitude within. You are showing yourself just how special you are. At that moment, your sense of worthiness receives a huge injection of love.

3. Celebrating is Energising

Moving through your day from task to task can be incredibly tiring. The pressure to get things done can be very draining the body’s energy, particularly if you are not enjoying it. Celebrating moments throughout the day can restore the body’s energy as you send yourself messages of appreciation and worthiness for a job well done.

4. Celebrating Creates Valuable Down Time

Choosing to celebrate a moment within your day creates down time. It creates a space in which you can reflect. From this space of gratitude, you can gently evaluate the moment and see any changes that may be beneficial.

5. Celebrating Acknowledges Worthiness

In a world that can easily be seen as negative, acknowledging that something is important for you reflects a sense of worthiness to you.

Mum had a collection of fine bone china tea cups which only came out for special occasions. When I was little, I would gaze upon these exquisite tea cups dreaming of the next ‘special occasion’ that would release their beauty from the china cabinet and into our hands. The tea tasted so different when drunk from them. Years later, when I visited mum, I can remember the joy that filled my heart when she offered me a special cup to simply enjoy a cup of tea with her. Mum was showing me how special my visit was to her and I was being reminded of how special I was.

Would you like to feel more comfortable celebrating your life?

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