The Healing Energy That Lies In A Deep Breath

How often do you find yourself in a situation where you just don’t know what to do, or wondering what to do next? How conscious are you of your breathing in those moments?

This morning I went off to find something only to realise I couldn’t recall what I was looking for. My mind was like a big black hole. Frustration started to rise within me. Why couldn’t I remember what was I looking for? Through the frustration I heard a little voice say ‘breathe’. In the moment of silence that followed I smiled and took a big deep breath. Suddenly I knew what I was looking for.

I was so grateful on two counts. One was to finish the task I had set out to do. The other was for the beautiful reminder of the role that breathing plays in our lives.

Did you know that humans can go about 40 days without food, about three days without water, and just a couple of minutes without air? Without air the brain starves of oxygen, normal body functions cease to exist and eventually we die. Thank goodness that the process of breathing is something the body does automatically. There’s really no need for us to give it much thought. Or is there?

Breathing is essential to life.

Being aware of our breath, and taking the time to breath deeply has long lasting benefits.

Breathing Assists with Detoxifying

Our lymphatic system is responsible for flushing out toxins and carrying away waste from our immune system. Unlike the heart, the lymphatic system does not have its own built-in pump. In order to keep the toxins moving, it relies on breathing and bodily movement to detoxify.

Breathing Assists with Mental Clarity

When the voice inside our head is so loud we can’t hear ourselves think, or we are stuck in events that have already happened … or, we think may happen, taking a deep breath shuts off the noise. It centres us bringing us into the present moment and connects us with ourselves.

Breathing Relaxes the Body

Deep breathing triggers the parasympathetic nervous system which neutralises the impact of stress on the physical body, and elicits a feeling of calm.

Have you ever watched a baby breathing? They breathe in from the bottom up. Their intake of air fills the abdomen, the stomach rises and then their lungs fill. When they exhale they empty from the top down. It’s their natural breathing state, and once upon a time it was yours. If you’ve forgotten what it feels like to breath into your abdomen before filling your lungs, find somewhere comfortable to lie down. Put your hands on your abdomen and just breathe. Focus on the breath. Your hands will rise on the inhale and fall on the exhale.

Welcome to deep breathing and beautiful state of relaxation.

Here is an exercise to bring about a sense of calm through the use of breath. Do this exercise whenever you feel the need to go within and simply be present and in the moment.

  1. Take a long, slow breath in through your nose, first filling your abdomen, then your lungs.

  2. Hold your breath to the count of “three”

  3. Exhale slowly through pursed lips, while you relax the muscles in your face, jaw, shoulders and stomach

  4. Repeat this exercise three times.

Deep breathing is something

we can all do...

We were born doing it.

To be aware of your breathing is to be aware of you. The #1 person in your life. When you are tuned into your breath, you are present in the moment. You are not in the past, nor are you in the future. You are in the space where life is created. You are right here. Right now. It's where magic happens.

Do you struggle to be present

in the moment?

You don’t have to.

To find out how I can help, contact and book a free 30 minute discovery call.

In support of becoming the best you you can be,

Keryn Rose

Certified Body Code Practitioner

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