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Routine or Freedom? The Choice is Yours

Last night I drank a beautiful red wine from a water glass and learned something very valuable. I was meeting a friend for a picnic. I had prepared some food and had a gorgeous bottle of red to share. All I needed were the wine glasses. I wanted glasses that would be more functional than my tall, delicate red wine goblets, but I didn't have any. I grabbed a couple of water glasses telling myself that "They would do". But deep down, I was disappointed.

My friend commented that not only was the wine a beautiful 'drop', but the glasses were beautiful to drink from. I smiled. In that moment, I realised I had grabbed my nan's Waterford crystal water glasses. Refined and delicate, and in the end, a beautiful choice. I closed my eyes last night proud of my willingness to do something different.

How often do you do something because

that is how you have always done it?

Hundreds, possibly thousands of times. When was the last time you actually tried something new? I challenged myself to do something new by drinking red wine from a crystal water glass, and can honestly say I loved the experience.

What experiences are you missing out on?

How much of your life is set around routines? The time you get up, what you eat for lunch, where you get your coffee, what radio station you listen to, what side of the bed you sleep on. The list goes on.

Routines have an important place in your life. They provide safety and security. After a while, you can become so set in your routine that it can also disconnect you from all the magic that life has to offer. In a world overflowing with so much variety it's easy to feel overwhelmed. From a space of overwhelm, the mere thought of something new simply adds to the feelings of overwhelm. So you choose to stay with what you know.

What if you were to do something different? Do something new? Take a different route to work? As John Assaraf said "A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there". So, what are you going to do about it?

How are you going to take care of yourself?

In my work as an energy healer, particularly as a Body Code practitioner, everyone I work with is stuck somewhere in their lives. It's either their health and well-being, their finances or their relationships, particularly with themselves. Together we work to discover the blocks at the root cause of feeling stuck. I then help the client to release them, opening them up to a flow of abundance and freedom.

You are the most important person in your life.

Do you feel stuck in your life? How open are you to all that life has to offer? Does life excite you?

Would you like to experience greater levels of flow, ease, and abundance in your life? You're in the right place! I'm an energy healer and my passion is helping you to release all the energetic layers that are no longer serving you so that you can truly tap into the flow and abundance of life.

Are you ready to flow with the great river of life?

Click on this link to book a completely complimentary and no-obligation discovery call with me.

I look forward to speaking with you!

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In support of becoming the best you, you can be,

Keryn Rose

Energy Healer

Certified Body Code Practitioner

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