New Year's Resolutions Are A Collection of Todays

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Happy New Year!

It sounds so exciting to me. A new year. The thought of new beginnings. A chance to start fresh. An opportunity to start again.

Happy New Decade!

Now that sounds awesome, and somewhat overwhelming to me. I really hadn't given much thought to a new decade beginning until I heard people talking about it. It did make me reflect on the past 10 years.

Personally, it was a tough decade for me.

Recovering from a journey with cancer, I sold my business, was entangled in a challenging family legal battle with my brother, said goodbye to my beautiful mum, my gentle aunt and my dashing step-father. My wonderful children stepped out of the family home and into their own lives. Friendships came to a conclusion, and so did my marriage.

I am now in a space where, as a new decade commences, I have a clean canvas upon which to create it, and have a universe of colours to choose from.

I went to bed last night a little overwhelmed at the thought of the next 10 years. This morning I woke up with the realisation that a decade is simply made up of lots of todays.

2020 is simply

a collection of 366 todays,

and the next decade is

a collection of 3652 of them.

Breaking the overwhelm down like this, I felt like I could manage what lies ahead. It was a bit like consuming the proverbial elephant in the room, one bite at a time.

The idea of resolutions for the coming year, and decade can be exciting. Reviewing what has been, and dreaming of what can be is magical, and I love magic. Just remember, this year is a collection of 366 todays, and there is magic within each one of those days. To break it down even further,

... there is magic within each moment of each of those todays, and every moment is a new beginning with the power to create something magical.

May 2020 be a magical year for you.

In support of you becoming the best you you can be

Keryn Rose

Certified Body Code Practitioner

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