Life is not a Journey, it's a Dance

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

How you approach your life matters!

This morning one of my Body Code clients, prior to an energy release session, suggested I watch a video by Alan Watts entitled "Life is NOT a journey" ( I was immediately intrigued because I often speak of life as a journey. I wondered, what's the difference between thinking of life as a journey or a dance?

Alan Watts (1915-1973) was a British writer and speaker known for interpreting and popularising Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism for a Western audience. In this video he speaks of life being like a dance rather than a journey. It was a beautiful reminder of the power of words. The words we choose create meaning.

Whether you are conscious of it or not, words are an integral part of the Universe you live in and contribute to the creation on the energy that surrounds you. Every word carries a specific energy.

This prompted me to ponder my definition of the word 'journey', and 'dance'. According to the online Oxford Dictionary, the definition of 'journey' is 'the act of travelling from one place to another'. The definition of 'dance' is to 'move rhythmically to music, typically following a set sequence of steps'. Historically, I often speak of life as a journey. For me the analogy implies a moving forward, one step at a time, towards a destination of your choosing. There's an implied intent and sense of direction. It is important that the destination is your choice, and not of those who believe they know what is best for you. This is your life, after all.

The power of the journey lies in the journey itself,

not the destination

On the flip side, when I hear the word dance, I understand freedom of movement. I have such beautiful memories of watching my older sister, who was born with Down Syndrome, let loose on the dance floor to whatever music was playing. She absolutely loved dancing. There may have been some limited cognitive abilities but there were absolutely no limitations in her ability to hear the music. For her, the freedom and movement was everything. The journey and destination didn’t matter.

‘Dancing’ allows us to be in the moment.

‘Journey’ implies we’re waiting to ‘get there’.

The physical reality of life has a beginning and an end. However, how you live all the moments in between is up to you. Every new day presents new opportunities for you. Allow yourself the freedom to dance with them. Trust they will take you to where you are going.

Do you feel you have the freedom to dance with the opportunities that are presented to you every day?

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In support of becoming the best you, you can be,

Keryn Rose

Energy Healer

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