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Is Your Mind Focused In The Right Direction?

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

In March of 2020 I became 'nana K'. My beautiful daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. It happened about 400kms away from where I live, and due to travel restrictions brought on by the pandemic, I had to wait until I could hold him and hug the proud parents.

When it happened I found myself really struggling to focus. My day would start with a walk along the beautiful Swan river. If I was early enough I would catch the sun rise. It was total magic. I floated through the rest of the day, sinking into my bed at night grateful for my morning walk, and wondering what I did that day. One day I decided to take back control. I knew I needed to reconnect with myself and my life.

I needed to focus!

The Cambridge Dictionary defines focus (verb) as 'the main or central point of something, especially of attention or interest'. When you are focused on, or tuned into things or energies that resonate with you, you are creating a reality that benefits you, and therefore benefits the world around you.

Towards the end of 2020, Michelle Fitzgerald, Training Director for the Senzar Learning Centre, crafted three powerful affirmations to help individuals focus on creating a reality full of abundance and freedom.

Affirmation #1

"I have what it takes or I can get it."

Are you being challenged by supply issues? Whether it be toilet paper, hand sanitiser, PPE (personal protective equipment), ventilators, hospital beds, money, jobs, or places to live, mindsets of 'lack' have developed on a global scale. This affirmation will reconnect you with your innate ability to create 'magic'. Believe it! Affirm it!

Affirmation #2

"I value myself."

Are your value being stirred up at the moment? The value of many businesses has diminished overnight, jobs have been lost stopping the flow of income. For many, the link between the value of money and their own value as a human beings is strong. Remember, everything is energy and everything impacts on everything around it.

Saying 'I value myself' reconnects you to the most valuable asset you have ... YOU! It keeps you clear of the global energy of 'lack'. To value yourself will also positively influence other value aspects of your life, and even tangible aspects like your bank account. Believe it! Affirm it!

Affirmation #3

"The degree of personal liberty that I experience in my life

is wholly within my control."

This statement is true! You are a powerful creator. You create all your life experiences. It's easy to believe that what is happening around you is outside of your control. That belief is an illusion. Your thoughts and beliefs are what create how you view your life. They create your perspective on life.

It is crucial you use your conscious mind as a focal tool to keep your mind tuned to the 'right stuff', creating what you want to be experiencing. Believe it! Affirm it!

"If you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you've always got."

Rather than focusing on what is 'lacking' in your life, reconnect with the abundance and freedom that naturally flows within you, and the world around you by choosing to focus on yourself and say:-

  • "I have what it takes or I can get it"

  • "I value myself"

  • "The degree of personal liberty that I experience in my life is wholly within my control"

Keeping your mind focused in the right direction not only benefits you, it benefits the world around you.

Would you like to feel more connected with yourself?

I can help you with that!

As part of my mission to help you reconnect with yourself, keeping you connected with the abundance that is within and around you I created a couple of simple processes. To reconnect with yourself and the Universe first thing in the morning I created the A.C.E process. To reconnect with yourself and the Universe at the end of your day I created the R.A.P process. Combining the power of intention, process and outcome these guides will help turbocharge the flow of your entire day. To access these ultimate self-care tools, click HERE.

Would you like to experience more abundance in your life?

I can help you with that! Click this link and organise a free, no obligation 30 minute discovery call with me.

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In support of becoming the best you, you can be,

Keryn Rose

Energy Healer

Certified Body Code Practitioner

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