The Most Important Question Of The Day - How Am I Feeling?

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

You look at me and cry; everything hurts.

I hold you and whisper: but everything can heal.

- Rupi Kaur -

As COVID-19 continues to impact on your world and the pressure to be vaccinated intensifies, when was the last time you check in with yourself and asked "how am I feeling?"

Feelings of fear, anxiety and overwhelm are increasing. The word 'uncertainty' is becoming part of many conversations. The mere thought of life being uncertain can stimulate your sympathetic nervous system, responsible for your flight-or-fight stress response. This in turn increases your heart rate, slows down your digestion, increases your respiratory rate and your perspiration, just to name a few. Asking yourself 'How am I feeling?' checks in with you from a physical perspective.

How conscious are you of the impact that your thoughts are

having on you from an energetic perspective?

Life as you knew it has gone. Initially there was pandemonium as people stocked up on toilet paper, a behaviour I believe may generate many interesting research papers in the future. You have lived through varying degrees of social isolation, and some of you still are. The Guardian, a British daily newspaper published Saturday 2nd October 2021 said "As of Tuesday 5 October, Australia’s second-largest city will have been in lockdown for 246 days – overtaking Buenos Aires as the city that has spent the most cumulative days under stay-at-home orders."

You are being asked to accept a 'new normal'.

While you can’t change what is happening, you can

change how you look at it.

Energy flows where intention goes

I have been enjoying walking along the picturesque Swan River, often early enough to watch the sun rise. For me, there is such exquisite beauty in a sunrise. As the colours are painted across the sky I feel the Universe is announcing another opportunity to live my life.

The exciting thing is, it has nothing to do with yesterday … and nothing to do with tomorrow. It’s a right now proposition and a powerful encouragement to contemplate what it is I wish for today. By the end of my walk I am full of gratitude for my life, and excited about my day. For me, this is a powerful feeling found in being present.

Most of my energy healing work is done via remote sessions. Have you every wondered what remote healing (also known as distance healing ) is and how it works? I often get asked if it is as effective as a regular in person session, and my answer is simply yes, absolutely!

You can read about how I do remote energy healing in my blog 'Energy Healing Is Not Limited By Time Or Space'

I am blessed to be able to work with people all over the world. The uncertainty being created by COVID-19 is impacting on everyone. People are reaching out to me because they want to change how they are managing their life!

Would you like to change how you manage your life?

I can help you with that! Click this link and organise a free, no obligation 30 minute discovery call with me.

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In support of being the best you, you can be,

Keryn Rose

Energy Healer

Certified Body Code Practitioner

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