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How has COVID and the 'New Normal' Impacted on Your Animal's Behaviour?

In the article 'Dog's life home alone without you' (West Australian Friday March 5, 2021) Trudy Oram wrote 'In 2020, thousands of Australians adopted pets to keep them company at home, particularly during the peak of COVID-19 isolation periods - pushing designer dog prices up and clearing out shelters. Those special bonds are now having unintended consequences'.

Interestingly, I've experienced a rise in the number of energy healing sessions I'm doing with animals.

Trudy goes on to write "The Journal of Veterinary Behaviour research shows up to 40 percent of dogs may suffer from anxiety or depression at some point in their lives exhibiting behaviours such as increased barking or aggression, not eating, pacing, excessive grooming, cowering, toileting indoors, destroying the garden, or not able to settle and shaking.'

The concept that animals experience emotions similar to humans is not news to anyone who has ever owned a beloved pet. They have the ability to form emotional bonds with humans, and each other.

The depth of bond between you and your pets connects

them to you in such a way that they can sense what you are feeling.

I experienced this many years ago when one of my dogs went lame in his back legs at the same time I was laid up in bed unable to walk due to severe back pain. He regained the use of his back legs when I started walking. Since animals have feelings, it makes sense that they also experience trapped emotions, like you do. Recently I have done energy healing sessions with a rescue dog in Melbourne, a black Labrador and a ginger cat here in Perth, and have more animals booked in the coming weeks.

Last week I had a plea for help from a beautiful lady. She and the family had recently shifted homes and her black Labrador and ginger cat weren't settling. The cat was skittish when anyone came into the home and spent his day hiding under the bed. The dog was very sad, and had starting gnawing on his bed. These behaviours weren't normal for them.

Can energy healing help my pets?

One of my clients, who lives in Melbourne, was telling me about his beautiful rescue dog that just didn't like walking. The dog's walk was a drive around the neighbourhood before my client headed out to work. Was there anything I could do to help him? When I received a photo, this beautiful animal had such a heaviness around him. His eyes were so sad.

Having checked in with the owners of these beautiful animals I can report that the black Labrador is much happier and has stopped gnawing his bed. The ginger cat has come out from under the bed and doesn't react to people entering the home. The gorgeous rescue dog in Melbourne has got some wag back in his tail. His eyes are brighter and he has less resistance to going for a walk. I sense there is more work to be done with with this beautiful dog, and the owner agrees.

Above is a photo of my two dogs, Chef (the wet dog in the front of the photo) and Kobe, affectionately known as 'my boys'. They are a constant reminder of the power of energy healing. They are brothers and the bond between them is truly palpable. The vet calls my boys old men. To people who don't know them they are surprised to find out they are almost 13yrs old. They do have a youthfulness about them. For me, as their 'mum' I'm noticing they're slowing up. Kobe is quite deaf now and gets very anxious when he can't see me. He often sleeps at my feet, well actually on my feet if he can, just so he knows when I move. When he's not sleeping at my feet he sleeps up close and personal with his brother, and his bro doesn't mind.

It often brings tears to my eyes to see the support

they have for each other.

Kobe has become increasingly unsettled as he's lost his hearing, prompting me to keep a close 'energetic' eye on him. When I do energy healing sessions with him, the emotions released are often anxiety, lost, sadness and overwhelm. The change I notice in him after an energy release session is a settledness within him. He is not as clingy to me and his brother, and there is a beautiful serenity about him which impacts in a positive way on his brother and me.

Do you have animals in your life?

How are they feeling?

Go and ask them, and don't be surprised when you sense an answer. If asking your animals how they are feeling seems a little 'weird', ask yourself has your animal gone through any physical or emotional hardship? Take into account the impact of any physical or emotional hardship that you may have gone through may have had on them.

Your animals sense everything that goes on within you!

Ask yourself these questions -

  • Have your animals supported your through some difficulties or hardships?

  • Is it possible they trapped some emotional energy as a result of supporting you?

  • Would you like to know?

I do all my energy healing sessions with animals from a distance. Animals are very receptive to distance healing. It's less invasive and more comfortable for them, and results as observed by their owners are often immediate. I've worked with cats, dogs, horses and chickens with great success . Click on this link to book a completely complimentary and no-obligation discovery call with me. Let's see how I may be able to support those beautiful animals that support you!

I look forward to speaking with you real soon!

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In support of you being the best you you can be,

Keryn Rose

Energy Healer

Certified Body Code Practitioner

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