Feeling Overwhelmed? Tune Into the Calming Influence of Your Inner Voice

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson -

I was talking with a colleague yesterday morning. She was guiding me through a few issues that I've been having in my business. I spoke of the feeling of overwhelm. She asked me if I knew where the source of my feeling may have been coming from. My response was immediate. "Yes", I said, "Social media". I realised I had been absorbed into the flow of information that floods social media, and it was creating a feeling of uncertainty within me.

Suddenly, I had an image. It took me back to my younger years when my family and I visited relatives that lived in the country. This vision was of lambs and their mothers. When the lambs were separated from their mothers, and then sent back out into the paddock, the lambs and mothers found each other. It certainly was a cacophony of sound as the lambs were bleating, and the mothers were responding. There were often hundreds of ewes in the paddock but the lambs always found their mother. They were able to shut out all the noise that surrounded them, tune in to and hone in on the sound of their mother. Both the lambs and the mothers knew the sound that they were listening for.

I believe you have the ability to shut out all the noise that is not for you to hear. I believe you were born with the ability to tune into and find the information, the wisdom, the sounds that are there for you. Amongst all the information that is before you in any moment, particularly through the media, there is something out there that will resonate with you. When it does, tune out everything else, and hang on to what is resonating with you. Trust that you know what that sounds like. And let go of everything else.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

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