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Co-Create Your Day Your Way With Intention

Updated: Jan 22

I am a people watcher. I love sitting in a café, sipping on a mug of almond chai or a cup of silken oolong tea and watching how people behave. Some people are full of life and exude energy. Others appear rather lethargic and in desperate need of a shot of coffee.

Why is this so? Why do some people jump out of bed full of life while others wake up feeling like they haven’t slept a wink?

Is it possible to get more out of a day?

Can you influence how you turn up in your day?

Absolutely! And I believe the secret lies in the magic of intention.

The Oxford Dictionary defines intent (noun) as ‘intention or purpose’. When you think about it ...

... an intention is the starting point of every dream!

It has a creative power all of its own. Whether it’s dressing for a special occasion, creating a sumptuous feast for the family or making a simple breakfast for yourself, all of these tasks start with an intent.

In 2017 I made a huge shift in my personal life choosing to leave a 31yr marriage and start life a new life. Living with myself for the very first time was a huge shock to my system. Besides all the emotional adjustments that came with such a shift, my biggest challenge was how to best use my time. In the beginning I found myself floating through each day. The only real constant was the rising and setting of the sun. I could rely on the process. It provided a boundary. As I started settling into my new life and becoming comfortable with my own company, I was aware my days were coming and going. I was drifting through life feeling lost.

A few months after the shift I engaged a beautiful business coach, Marnie LeFevre, to assist me in finding direction in my energy healing business. During one of the coaching sessions I shared, through a few tears, that I was feeling very lost. Her suggestion was to infuse everything I did within my day, with intent. Marnie reminded me of the power that lies within an intent. My morning walk, my shower, my breakfast, my work. Everything that I set out to do within the day was to be done with a specific intent.

Engaging with the task at hand would engage me with life.

I started creating an intent for each of my daily tasks, even taking out the rubbish, and my days starting flowing with more ease. Noticing the shift in the flow of energy through my days I realised that I was reconnecting with my life. Setting intentions gave each task a focus. It gave each day a focus. It gave my life a focus and played a huge part in finding traction in my days and moving forward in my life.

5 Powerful Reasons For Creating Intentions Every Day

1. Intentions Keep You Present

Setting an intention before undertaking a task keeps you present in the task. It gives you a focus and connects you with what you are doing. It allows you to be fully engaged with the task therefore being open to all that the task has to offer you. I believe this will pave the way to achieving your goals with more ease.

2. Intentions Impact on Every Part of Your Day

The power of setting an intention opens you up to the joy that can be found in being present. It puts you into a flow of energy that is new and full of potential, and this energy flows into the tasks that follow. Suddenly you entire day simply flows as the change in mind set starts to settle in.

3. Intentions Open Up Possibilities

By setting up intentions, the subconscious can start to work its magic and offer more opportunities to practice setting intentions. I believe that as the shift of being present takes hold, magic will start to happen in other areas of your life.

4. Intentions Reflect Gratitude

Setting intentions will impact on you and how you show up in life. It opens you up to seeing what you have in your life, and appreciating it. This appreciation attracts more for you to to appreciate.

5. Intentions Have No Limits

Intentions are limited only by your imagination. The possibilities are endless. Have fun creating something new and exciting each and every day.

Being reminded of the power that lies within intentions brings focus into your life.

The power to direct flow within your day, and move forward in life lies within you. You can do it!

Do you struggle to set intentions?

I can help you fix that! To see how I may be able to help you, please click this link to organise your complimentary 30 minute discovery call.

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In support of becoming the best you, you can be,

Keryn Rose

Energy Healer

Certified Body Code Practitioner

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