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Are You Missing Out On Unlimited Potentiality of Each Moment in Your Day?

Do you have something you do every day that's part of a daily routine? Maybe it's letting the dogs out. Maybe it's putting the kettle on. Maybe it's going for a run. How present are you in those moments?

One morning, after enjoying a beautiful breakfast with my son in the picturesque Swan Valley we dropped into a local garage to get a newspaper. I paid for it and as I left the shop assistant called out 'you've paid for fuel'. I really didn't pay attention because all I had bought was a newspaper. He called me again saying 'you paid for fuel'. I was perplexed and returned to the counter to find a young man smiling and the shop assistant quite flustered. I had paid nearly $90 for my newspaper! I stood there quietly as the owner of the fuel settled his bill, and the shop assistant sorted out my refund.

I quietly returned to my son's car grateful for the reminder of the value of being present in the moment. I know about the power of presence. I often speak about it with my clients, but this was a real-life reminder for me that life happens whether I am consciously engaged with it, or not.

How consciously are you engaged with your life and yourself?

Leo Tolstoy said "There is only one time that is important - NOW! It is the most important time because it is the only time that we have any power." Being in the moment has you open to seeing and experiencing things as they appear in that moment. There's a flow of energy, and life can appear so much brighter.

Do you struggle to stay present, in the moment?

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