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Are You Feeling Blah?

Updated: Nov 5

Every cell has life.

- Albert Einstein -

"Australia is in the grip of a human energy crisis" was a headline that caught my attention. It went on to say that new data is showing that burnout has become the top health worry for men and women. It appears that a lack of energy is being felt across all ages, sexes and states within Australia. Work and lifestyle are being blamed for this 'new trend'.

In the book 'Why Am I So Tired?', co-author and GP Ginni Mansberg said that "Australians are running out of fuel because they work too much". Leading obesity expert Dr Nick Fuller, author of "Interval Weight Loss" said "weight problems were also fuelling the nations fatigue crisis". It seems that Australians are feeling the impact of unhealthy eating and working too much, and it is leading to burnout.

Could there be other factors contributing to this?

As an energy healer and a Certified Body Code Practitioner who works with people and their energy fields, one of the questions that came to me when reading this article was "what is their current emotional state?".

There is a growing awareness of the importance of healthy eating. We are what we eat. Food is our fuel. However, our digestive system needs to be able to absorb the goodness in the food for the body to use it. Did you know that ...

... energetic imbalances can prevent our body from

utilising the food we eat?

I once worked with a client whilst she was in hospital. After having major abdominal surgery she couldn't eat without wanting to throw up. She was having real difficulty in digesting food and keeping food down. I tuned in to her energy field and discovered energetic imbalances that were impacting on the digestive tract. Whilst connected to her energy field I guided her to release them. The impact was immediate. The client sat up, devoured a bowl of pumpkin soup and thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful. It was a beautiful experience for me to be part of, and a powerful reminder of the role energy can play in our every day existence.

How much of the perons's spirit is actually residing

within the physical body?

This is another question the article raised within me. All of us go through the motions of eating and sleeping on a daily basis and can struggle to wake up feeling full of life. We drag ourselves out of bed hoping we will find some energy to make it through the day.

When clients come to me with issues of low energy I often compare them to an 8 cylinder car that is only firing on 2 cylinders. Have you ever had that experience? You put the key in the ignition, turn the engine over and somehow the car goes, but it lacks power. In my article Are You Firing On All 8 Cylinders I write about why some of our spirit can become dislodged from our physical body, and the impact it can have.

The food we eat and the hours we work combine to play a crucial role in our overall health and wellbeing. Finding a way to live a harmonious life seems to be a constant challenge in today's world. Finding harmony between work and life, commonly known as work-life balance, is highly sought after by many, and as the article, "Human Energy Crisis - Lifestyle to blame for human burnout" stated, it is leading to a lack of energy being felt across all ages and sexes. In my article 'There is Power To Be Found In A Harmonious Life' I share my thoughts on the power we can access when all parts of our lives resonate as one.

When there is harmony, energy flows naturally.

Much of my work as an energy healer, particularly as a certified Body Code practitioner, is with people who are feeling stressed, fatigued, overweight and simply not enjoying life. Some have put effort into changing their eating habits with no lasting results. Others desperately want to change their job but the thought of it doesn't hang around for long because they truly believe they can't.

People come to me because they feel they an emptiness within. It's like a part of a puzzle is missing. They truly believe there is something better for them, and know the answer lies within them. Together we discover the blocks that are contributing to their bodies holding onto weight. We discover the obstacles to enjoying their current work place or preventing them from finding a job that makes their hearts sing. Together we find the energetic imbalances that are holding them in patterns of feeling stuck, stressed and lacking energy.

Are you feeling stressed?

Do you feel close to burnout?

Are you wondering why it seems so hard for you to change your ways?

I can help you find your flow! Click this link and organise a free, no obligation 30 minute discovery call with me.

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In support of reconnecting with your unique awesomeness

Keryn Rose

Energy Healer

Certified Body Code Practitioner






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