Abundance is a Beautiful Thing - Are You Fully Connected?

Reconnecting to the Flow of Abundance through Energy Healing

I love the sound of the word 'abundance'. There's a certain richness about it. And it's not often I see a colour when I hear a word, but when I hear the word 'abundance' I see the colour purple. A beautiful deep rich purple.

Google the word 'abundance' and you'll find lots of courses on the subject, and coaches willing to help you find it. Why is there such a high demand for something that is naturally a part of us?

I believe it lies in the breakdown of our relationship with ourselves.

I do not believe we can be fully connected, and in the flow of abundance without being fully connected, and in flow with ourselves. Abundance is a beautiful thing. It is a natural part of us.

Are you fully connected to your flow of abundance?

I would like to ask you three questions:-

1. Would you describe your relationship with your finances as abundant?

2. Would you describe your relationship with your health and well being as abundant?

3. Would you describe your relationship with others, and more importantly, with yourself as abundant?

How did you go? Were you able to answer yes to any of these questions? I have asked these questions many times, and for the majority of people there is a feeling of a lack of abundance in their lives, whether it be financial, health and wellbeing or relating to others, and themselves. I believe this is a reflection of a lack of connection with themselves.

How do you become disconnected from yourself?

It happens very slowly, as you live your life. My most memorable point of disconnection was when I was business owner, mother, wife and daughter. Even just writing that list stirs up feelings of overwhelm. It was at this point I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. It was a Universal wake up call for me , and twelve years later I continue to learn of the healing power found in staying fully connected with my self.

In my work as an energy healer, particularly as a Certified Body Code Practitioner, many of the people I work with feel stuck in their lives. They don't feel themselves. Their life is lacking real purpose. They are searching for freedom.

A common thread running through their stories is a lack of

vitality and flow!

It's like a dimmer switch has been turned down on their awesomeness and they can't remember where the switch is. For these people there is a real lack of connectedness with themselves. Together, through the power of energy healing, we work to reconnect them with themselves.

Reconnecting to Your Flow of Abundance through Energy Healing

1. For an abundant relationship with your health and wellbeing, I work with you to give your body full access to its healing power. Working together we unleash your body’s natural healing power by freeing you of limiting beliefs, patterns of failure and self-sabotage that may be hiding in your body as energetic imbalances.

2. For an abundant relationship with others, and more importantly, with yourself, I work with you to release the negative energy of past painful experiences related to love, relationships, and family ties, opening you up to receiving true and lasting love of all kinds.

3. For an abundant relationship with your finances, I work with you to unlock your potential for wealth and abundance by releasing the imbalances that cause money blocks, and other limitations.

All this is possible. All you need to do is reconnect with yourself. Life is built on relationships, and the most important relationship you have is the one with yourself.

Free Clarity & Guidance in 30 Minutes!

I offer 30 minute discovery calls, free of charge and obligation, designed to give you clarity and provide guidance on you and your life. To find out how I can help you feel fully connected with yourself, and your awesomeness, contact me at keryn@kerynrose.com.au to organise your free discovery call today.

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In support of you becoming the best you, you can be

Keryn Rose

Certified Body Code Practitioner



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