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3 Ways To Incorporate The Magic Of Intention Into Your Life And Make It More Meaningful

Every intentional act is a magical act.

- Aleister Crowley -

I would like to ask you three questions -

  • Do you struggle to be present in the moment?

  • Are you consciously engaged with your life?

  • Would you like some encouragement to live a life that is true to your purpose?

Whilst you may feel that life is short, I'm here to tell you that each day is full of unlimited potential and I believe the secret to accessing this unlimited potential lies in you living your life with intention.

When you change the way you look at things,

the things you look at change.

- Dr Wayne Dyer -

The etymology of the word 'intention' can be traced back to the late 14c., entencioun, "purpose, design, aim or object; will, wish, desire, that which is intended", from Old French entencion "intent, purpose, aspiration; will; thought" (12c.). This suggests to me that there is a level of consciousness in the person creating the intention. It is like they are connected to a consciousness that is both part of them and bigger than them.

Is this where the magic of intention can be found?

There is a difference between having an intention and living with intention. The magic of intention is found in the actions you decide to take. Living with intention means being the deliberate creator of your daily experiences each and every day. It's about connecting to what's important to you and always giving all of your attention to it. Living your life with intention is about you making conscious choices, knowing what you want and focusing on it.

Energy flows where attention goes.

- Michael Beckwith -

Living your life with intention is incredibly empowering. Being consciously connected with yourself, and living your life with intention helps create a sense of stability and certainty in your life. It will impact your life in a positive way and sprinkle it with magic.

Three Magical Ways That Living Your Life With Intention

Will Impact Your Life

1. Living Your Life With Intention Will Keep You Present In The Moment

Living your life with intention will keep you in the present moment. Being mindful of the present moment helps you increase self-awareness, build a stronger relationship with yourself and impact positively on your levels of stress and worry.

2. Living Your Life With Intention Will Actively Engage You In Your Own Life.

Living your life with intention takes you off autopilot and stops you from living your life as a spectator. It connects you with the most important person in your life - YOU - and engages you in living your life.

3. Living Your Life With Intention Will Encourage You To Live A Life That Is True To Who You Are.

Whilst living your life intentionally starts with focusing on small actions, it can actually encourage you to live in a way that’s true to your purpose. It can cultivate within you a perspective that has you viewing life with more satisfaction.

Intentional living is living a life that is in tune with who you really are. When you live with intention, you have more passion, more focus and more attention to your actions, which will enrich your experience and your life. Do you get into your car, start the engine and drive off without an intention of where you are going? So why live your life without intention?

Would you like to start living your life with intention

and fill your life with magic?

I can help! Click on this link to book your free, no obligation 30 minute complimentary discovery call designed to give you clarity and provide guidance to help you start living your life with intention, Remember, as Aleister Crowley said, "every intentional act is a magical act"

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In support of being the best you, you can be

Keryn Rose Energy Healer Certified Body Code Practitioner

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